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Machine Learning

  • SPTAG #Project#: A distributed approximate nearest neighborhood search (ANN) library which provides a high quality vector index build, search and distributed online serving toolkits for large scale vector search scenario.

  • Spleeter #Project#: Spleeter is the Deezer source separation library with pretrained models written in Python and uses Tensorflow.

Reinforcement Learning

  • 2019-TensorTrade #Project#: An open source reinforcement learning framework for training, evaluating, and deploying robust trading agents.


Natural Language Processing

Language Representation

  • 2018-BERT #Project#: BERT is method of pre-training language representations, meaning that we train a general-purpose "language understanding" model on a large text corpus (like Wikipedia), and then use that model for downstream NLP tasks that we care about (like question answering). 海量中文预训练 ALBERT 模型

  • 2019-gpt-2 #Project#: Code and models from the paper "Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners".


  • ASRT_SpeechRecognition #Project#: A Deep-Learning-Based Chinese Speech Recognition System.

  • 2019-Real-Time Voice Cloning: SV2TTS is a three-stage deep learning framework that allows to create a numerical representation of a voice from a few seconds of audio, and to use it to condition a text-to-speech model trained to generalize to new voices.


  • char-rnn #Project#: Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, GRU, RNN) for character-level language models in Torch

Linguistic Structure

Knowledge Graph | 知识图谱

  • 基于医药知识图谱的智能问答系统 #Project#: 这是一个基于 Python 模块 REfO 实现的知识库问答初级系统. 该问答系统可以解析输入的自然语言问句生成 SPARQL 查询,进一步请求后台基于 TDB 知识库的 Apache Jena Fuseki 服务, 进而得到问题的结果。

  • 2019-KnowledgeGraphData #Project#: 知识就是力量,知识图谱是人工智能新时代的产物,简单地说知识图谱就是通过关联关系将知识组成网状的结构,然后我们的人工智能可以通过这个图谱来认识其代表的这一个现实事件,这个事件可以是现实,也可以是虚构的。


Game | 游戏

Chess | 象棋

Computer Vision | 计算机视觉

Motion Capture

  • Handtrack.js #Project#: 它可以让开发人员使用经过训练的手部检测模型快速创建手势交互原型。

Face Recognition

  • 2019-超轻量级人脸检测模型 #Project#: 该模型设计是针对边缘计算设备或低算力设备(如用 ARM 推理)设计的实时超轻量级通用人脸检测模型,可以在低算力设备中如用 ARM 进行实时的通用场景的人脸检测推理,同样适用于移动端、PC。

Pattern Recognition

  • Nsfw JS #Project#: A simple JavaScript library to help you quickly identify unseemly images; all in the client's browser. NSFWJS isn't perfect, but it's pretty accurate (~90% from our test set of 15,000 test images)... and it's getting more accurate all the time.


  • keras-ocr #Project#: A packaged and flexible version of the CRAFT text detector and Keras CRNN recognition model.

Generative Design

Development | 开发辅助


Recommend System