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API Automation & Generation

  • automatic-api #Project#: The following is a list of tools that automatically expose a REST, GraphQL, or another kind of API for your database.
  • pREST #Project#: Serve a RESTful API from any PostgreSQL database
  • apig #Project#: Golang RESTful API Server Generator
  • xgenecloud #Project#: 🔥 🔥 Instantly generate REST & GraphQL APIs on any Database (Supports : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MsSQL, SQLite, MariaDB).
  • 2018-ginbro #Project#: Converting a MySQL database'schema to a RESTful golang APIs app in the fastest way.

API Management

  • WSO2 #Project#: WSO2 API Manager is a 100% open source enterprise-class solution that supports API publishing, lifecycle management, application development, access control, rate limiting and analytics in one cleanly integrated system.
  • DOClever #Project#: DOClever 是一个商业化开源产品,完全免费。无论你是前端工程师,还是后端工程师,接口永远都是两者交互的桥梁,所以 DOClever 专为中小型团队量身打造,旨在解决接口的管理,测试与数据生成,实现真正的一体化解决方案。

API Request Builder

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