Web State Management List
  • State Architecture Patterns in React: This is the first in a series of articles intended to provide an in-depth review of a few common architectural patterns that are employed when building complex web applications using React (or sufficiently React-like libraries), as well as some advice for avoiding common issues associated with those patterns.
  • 2017-单页应用的数据流方案探索:所谓组件化,很容易理解,把视图按照功能,切分为若干基本单元,所得的东西就可以称为组件,而组件又可以一级一级组合而成复合组件,从而在整个应用的规模上,形成一棵倒置的组件树。这种方法论历史久远,其实现方式或有瑜亮,理念则大同小异。而 MDV,则是对很多低级 DOM 操作的简化,把对 DOM 的手动修改屏蔽了,通过从数据到视图的一个映射关系,达到了只要操作数据,就能改变视图的效果。
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