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Docker Links aggregates curated popular links for studing Docker and the Ecosystem. More reference about ITCS can turn to AwesomeList: Guide to Galaxy, which collects valuable, popular and up-to-date links for CS, including Programming Language, Software Engineering, Server Side Application, Infrastructure, InfoSecurity, Industrial Application, DataScienceAI, Frontend Technology(iOS, Android, RN, Electron), etc.





  • 2016-mydocker #Book#: 本书在详细分析 Docker 所依赖的技术栈的基础上,一步一步地通过代码实例,让读者可以自己循 序渐进地用 Go 语言构建出一个容器的引擎。

  • 2017-自己动手写 Docker #Book#:通过讲解 Docker 使用到的各种底层技术,例如 Namespace、Cgroups 等来自己一步步动手完成一个简单版本的 Docker。在自己动手的过程中,从而对 Docker 这个技术有一个整体、细致的了解。能够明白 Docker 的原理以及结构,从而加深对目前炽手可热的 Docker 技术的理解,方便解决工作中使用 Docker 遇到的各种问题。系列书摘

  • 2017-The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit: Docker Swarm #Book#: Viktor Farcic's latest book, The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit: Docker Swarm, shows you how to successfully integrate Docker Swarm into your DevOps toolset.

  • 2017-Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins #Book#: Unleash the combination of Docker and Jenkins in order to enhance the DevOps workflow.

  • 2017-The New Stack-The Docker and Container Ecosystem #Book#: The container ecosystem is constantly changing and impacting the developer landscape. Our five ebook series on the container ecosystem covers everything from application development to orchestration, networking, security, data storage, and monitoring.

  • 2017-Docker 从入门到实践 #Book#: Learn and understand Docker technologies, with real DevOps practice!