Compiler List | 编译原理资料索引

There are massive curated links to help you study anything about Compiler head first, with tutorials, practices, opensource, courses, books, etc. You can search more links/books in xCompass.


  • 编译体系漫游:代码的编译过程分为四个阶段,预处理、编译、汇编、链接。而编译阶段是整个过程中最复杂的阶段,编译阶段还可以分为词法分析、语法分析、语义分析。
  • 2018-前端要以正确的姿势学习编译原理: 却发现并没有人给大家介绍前端要如何以系统并且正确地学习编译原理,所以我就结合自己的经验以及走过的弯路来给大家分享点心得和经验,希望能让大家少走点弯路。
  • From math to machine: translating a function to machine code: In this post I'm going to explore how a mathematical concept can be redefined in progressively more computer-oriented terms, all the way from high level languages down to machine code, ready for direct execution by a computer.