Awesome Go Links List

This file aggregates curated popular links for learning Golang. More reference about ITCS can turn to AwesomeList: Guide to Galaxy, which collects valuable, popular and up-to-date links for CS, including Programming Language, Software Engineering, Server Side Application, Infrastructure, InfoSecurity, Industrial Application, DataScienceAI, Frontend Technology(iOS, Android, RN, Electron), etc.


  • 2017-The beauty of Go: So if you’re an engineer or a startup trying to decide what language you want to explore or try out, do give Go a serious thought.
  • 2018-Golang 工程经验: 转战 Golang 一年有余,经历了两个线上项目的洗礼,总结出一些工程经验,一个是总结出一些实战经验,一个是用来发现自我不足之处。
  • 2018-Go: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Go does have some nice features, hence the "The Good" part in this post, but overall I find it cumbersome and painful to use when we go beyond API or network server.