Product OpenSource List


  • 2012-LimeSurvey #Project#: The most popular FOSS online survey tool on the web.

  • 2017-DWSurvey #Project#: DWSurvey 是一款方便、高效、实用的调研问卷系统,一款基于 JAVA WEB 的开源问卷表单系统。

  • 2018-SurveyJS #Project#: SurveyJS is a modern way to add surveys and forms to your website. It has versions for angular2+, jQuery, knockout, react and vue.



  • The open source ticket reservation system for conferences, trade shows, workshops, meetups.

  • 2018-frab #Project#: frab is a web-based conference planning and management system. It helps to collect submissions, to manage talks and speakers and to create a schedule.