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This file aggregates curated popular links for learning Golang. More reference about ITCS can turn to AwesomeList: Guide to Galaxy, which collects valuable, popular and up-to-date links for CS, including Programming Language, Software Engineering, Server Side Application, Infrastructure, InfoSecurity, Industrial Application, DataScienceAI, Frontend Technology(iOS, Android, RN, Electron), etc.


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  • 2015-An Introduction to Programming in Go #Book#: A short, concise introduction to computer programming using the language Go. Designed by Google, Go is a general purpose programming language with modern features, clean syntax and a robust well-documented common library, making it an ideal language to learn as your first programming language.

  • 2015-The Go Programming Language #Project#: This book is meant to help you start using Go effec tive ly rig ht away and to use it well, taking full advantage of Go’s langu age features and stand ard librar ies to write clear, idiomatic, and efficient programs. 中文译本地址

  • 2016-Learning Go Programming #Book#: An insightful guide to learning the Go programming language

  • 2016-Go Web 编程 #Book#: Go web 编程是因为我喜欢 Web 编程,所以写了这本书,希望大家喜欢。English Version is Build web application with Golang.

  • 2016-深入解析 Go #Book#: 因为自己对 Go 底层的东西比较感兴趣,所以抽空在写一本开源的书籍《深入解析 Go》。写这本书不表示我能力很强,而是我愿意分享,和大家一起分享对 Go 语言的内部实现的一些研究。

  • 2017-Concurrency in Go 中文笔记 #Book#: 以希望大家能够了解并掌握有关 Go 中并发性的高质量、全面的信息:如何使用它,如何将最佳实践和模式整合到系统中,以及它们如何在所有系统中运行。我尽力在这些考量之间取得平衡。

  • 2018-Essential Go #Book#: a free Go programming book, a continuation of Stack Overflow Documentation.

  • 2018-go-internals #Book#: go-internals is a work-in-progress book about the internals of the Go (1.10+) programming language.

  • 2018-Go 语言高级编程 #Book#: 开源图书,涵盖 CGO、Go 汇编语言、RPC 实现、Protobuf 插件实现、Web 框架实现、分布式系\统等高阶主题。

  • 2018-Go 语言四十二章经 #Book#: 这本书适合 Go 语言新手来细细阅读,对于有一定经验的开发人员,也可以根据自己的情况,选择一些章节来看。最后,希望更多的人了解和使用 Go 语言,也希望阅读本书的朋友们多多交流。

  • 2019-Go2 编程指南 #Book#: 本书重点讲解 Go2 新特性,以及 Go1 教程中较少涉及的特性。本书适合对 Go 语言有一定基础的用户学习。

  • 2019-For learning Go Tutorial #Book: 准备写一本 Go 的书针对初学者快速入门开发和使用 go!

  • 2020-Go 语言 101 #Project#: 一本侧重于 Go 语言语法和语义的编程解释和指导书。






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