Go Syntax List



Go Modules

  • Go 1.11 Modules: Go 1.11 includes preliminary support for versioned modules as proposed here.

  • 2018-go-modules-by-example #Series#: Go modules by example is a series of work-along guides.

  • 2019-Using Go Modules: This blog post is a tutorial to introduction to the basic operations needed to get started using modules. A followup post will cover releasing modules for others to use.


  • 2017-The Zoo of Go Functions: An overview about: anonymous, higher-order, closures, concurrent, deferred, and other kinds of Golang funcs.


  • 2018-The Go Object Lifecycle: In this post we’ll look at a 3-step approach to object management—instantiation, initialization, & initiation.


  • 浅入浅出 Go 语言接口的原理: 在这一节中,我们就会介绍 Go 语言中这个重要类型 interface 的一些常见问题以及它底层的实现,包括接口的基本原理、类型断言和转换的过程以及动态派发机制,帮助各位 Go 语言开发者更好地理解 interface 类型。

Exception Handle

  • 2017-Pipeline Patterns in Go: In this article, that pipeline pattern in Golang is extended with improved error-handling and cancellation.

Meta Programming(元编程)

  • 2018-Dependency Injection in Go: In this post I'll give an introduction to DI and then show an example application before and after using DI (via the dig library).