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  • 2016-Creating JVM Language Serials #Series#: I came up with an idea of creating my own simple JVM language and compiler (because why the hell not)? The language is called Enkel, which means “simple” in swedish.

  • 2017-面试小结之 JVM 篇:最近面试一些公司,被问到的关于 Java 虚拟机的问题,以及自己总结的回答。

  • Java 虚拟机规范(Java SE 8 版)读后总结: Java 虚拟机的实现必须体现书中内容,但仅在确有必要时才应该受制于这些规范。用书中的原话来说即"公有设计,私有实现"。

  • 2017 - JVM Anatomy Park #Series#: "JVM Anatomy Park" is the mini-post series, where every post is slated to take 5-10 minutes to read (and no more than 2 hours for me to write).

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