Awesome Self Hosted Services

  • URL to PDF Microservice: Web page PDF rendering done right. Self-hosted service for rendering receipts, invoices, or any content.

  • wallabag #Project#: wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages: Save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely.

  • jsonstore #Project#: offers a free, secured and JSON based cloud datastore for small projects.

  • Reverse engineering WhatsApp Web. #Project#: This project intends to provide a complete description and re-implementation of the WhatsApp Web API, which will eventually lead to a custom client. WhatsApp Web internally works using WebSockets; this project does as well.

  • 2019-Firefly III #Project#: “Firefly III” is a financial manager. It can help you keep track of expenses, income, budgets and everything in between. It even supports credit cards, shared household accounts and savings accounts! It’s pretty fancy. You should use it to save and organise money.

Agent & Assistant

  • 2019-Huginn #Project#: Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online.

  • 2019-Vault #Project#: A tool for secrets management, encryption as a service, and privileged access management.

  • 2019-Neko #Project#: A self hosted virtual browser ( clone) that runs in docker. This uses web rtc to stream a desktop inside of a docker container, I made this because went under and my internet can't handle streaming and discord keeps crashing.


  • 2019-n8n #Project#: Free and open node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services.

Deployment | 部署