Web OpenSource List

The contents organization form follows Web MindMap,

  • finder #Project#: CSS Selector Generator, Generates shortest selectors.

  • CSS Blocks #Project#: CSS Blocks is an ergonomic, component-oriented CSS authoring system that compiles to high-performance stylesheets.

Development Library


  • Svelte #Project#: Svelte is a new way to build web applications. It's a compiler that takes your declarative components and converts them into efficient JavaScript that surgically updates the DOM.


Pattern Libraries


  • Pressure.js #Project#: Pressure is a JavaScript library for handling Force Touch, 3D Touch, and Pointer Pressure on the web.

Virtual DOM

  • Snabbdom #Project#: A virtual DOM library with focus on simplicity, modularity, powerful features and performance.

  • asm-dom #Project#: A minimal WebAssembly virtual DOM to build C++ SPA (Single page applications)

Web Worker

  • Workly #Project#: A really simple way to move a stand-alone function/class to a worker thread.

  • workerize #Project#: Moves a module into a Web Worker, automatically reflecting exported functions as asynchronous proxies.

  • workerize-loader #Project#: Automatically move a module into a Web Worker (Webpack loader).

  • greenlet #Project#: Move an async function into its own thread, a simplified single-function version of workerize.

  • 2017-Comlink #Project#: Comlink’s goal is to make WebWorkers enjoyable. Comlink removes the mental barrier of thinking about postMessage and hides the fact that you are working with workers.


  • CometD: The CometD project, a scalable comet (server push) implementation for web messaging.


  • 2013-Pouchdb #Project#: PouchDB was created to help web developers build applications that work as well offline as they do online.

  • 2013-localForage #Project#: Offline storage, improved. Wraps IndexedDB, WebSQL, or localStorage using a simple but powerful API.

  • 2014-Lovefield #Project#: Relational Database With Schema

  • LokiJS #Project#: LokiJS is a document oriented database written in javascript, Its purpose is to store javascript objects as documents in a nosql fashion and retrieve them with a similar mechanism.

  • 2017-Lowdb #Project#: Small JSON database for Node, Electron and the browser. Powered by Lodash.

  • 2017-RxDB #Project#: The reactive, serverless, client-side, offline-first database for your next javascript-application.

  • 2017-Dexie.js #Project#: Dexie.js is a wrapper library for indexedDB - the standard database in the browser.

  • 2018-turtleDB #Project#: turtleDB is a JavaScript framework and in-browser database for developers to build offline-first, collaborative web applications. It provides a developer-friendly API to access an in-browser database built on top of IndexedDB.

  • cookies.js #Project#: Tastier cookies, local, session, and db storage in a tiny package. Includes subscribe() events for changes.



Media | 媒介资源

  • 2015-annyang #Project#: A tiny javascript SpeechRecognition library that lets your users control your site with voice commands.

  • 2015-SpeechKITT: A flexible GUI for Speech Recognition

Engineering Practices




  • Webpack #Project#: Webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications.

  • 2017-Parcel #Project#: Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler.

  • browserify #Project#: browserify will recursively analyze all the require() calls in your app in order to build a bundle you can serve up to the browser in a single tag.

  • 2017-Backpack #Project#: Backpack is minimalistic build system for Node.js. Inspired by Facebook's create-react-app, Zeit's Next.js, and Remy's Nodemon, Backpack lets you create modern Node.js apps and services with zero configuration.

  • 2017-Microbundle #Project#: A zero-configuration bundler for tiny modules, powered by Rollup.

  • FuseBox #Project: FuseBox is a bundler/module loader that combines the power of webpack, JSPM and SystemJS.


  • Rekit: IDE and toolkit for building scalable web applications with React, Redux and React-router

Tuning | 性能调优


  • LagRadar #Project#: Add this to any javascript application and you can see when the app drops below 60fps as the radar sweep changes colour and gets janky.

  • Lighthouse #Project#: Lighthouse analyzes web apps and web pages, collecting modern performance metrics and insights on developer best practices.

  • stats.js #Project#: JavaScript Performance Monitor.


  • Lozad #Project#: lozad.js is a light-weight library to lazy load elements using JavaScript.

  • 2018-whatcss #Project#: CSS StyleSheet Pageload Analyser/Optimizer 🤷

  • #Project#: Make your site’s pages instant in 1 minute and improve your conversion rate by 1%.

  • 2018-lazysizes #Project#: lazysizes is a fast (jank-free), SEO-friendly and self-initializing lazyloader for images (including responsive images picture/srcset), iframes, scripts/widgets and much more.


  • Jpegio #Project#: Convert any major image format into a highly optimized JPEG.



  • Manifoldjs: PWA Builder #Project#: PWA Builder will give you an easy way to provide the missing pieces of your PWA, and not weigh down your site with data you don’t need or use.

  • Offline-plugin for webpack #Project#: This plugin is intended to provide an offline experience for webpack projects. It uses ServiceWorker, and AppCache as a fallback under the hood. Simply include this plugin in your webpack.config, and the accompanying runtime in your client script, and your project will become offline ready by caching all (or some) of the webpack output assets. you can also turn to Easy Offline First Apps With Webpack's Offline Plugin for further information.

  • react-progressive-web-app #Project#: An opinionated React based repository which is optimized for Progressive Web App development.

  • RealFaviconGenerator: A great way to generate all the images, favicons, and associated files needed to display your app icon across different browsers.

  • Android Asset Studio - Launcher Icon Generator: Generate Android style icons.

  • pwmetrics #Project#: Progressive web metrics at your fingertipz

  • Workbox #Project#:Workbox 是来自 Google Chrome 团队的快速将现有应用转化为 Progressive Web Apps 的 JavaScript 库;Workbox 允许我们通过 Webpack 插件、Gulp 插件以及 npm 脚本的方式快速地为当前应用的资源创建对应加载 ServiceWorker。

Experience Tuning



  • browsh #Project#: A fully interactive, realtime, and modern text-based browser rendered to TTYs and browsers


  • fex-ua-device #Project#: 由于在国内生产 PC 的厂家有限,大众用户使用的浏览器也主要是当前的一些主流浏览器。因此目前的 UA 解析库在对 OS、浏览器外壳、浏览器内核等的识别率都相当高。但是由于国内的移动设备的五花八门,对于移动设备的硬件信息是很难用一套通用的方法进行识别,因此 ua-device 诞生。


  • Remote Browser #Project#: A low-level browser automation framework built on top of the Web Extensions API standard.

  • Rendertron #Project#: Rendertron is a dockerized, headless Chrome rendering solution designed to render & serialise web pages on the fly.

  • Rendora #Project#: Rendora is a dynamic renderer to provide zero-configuration server-side rendering mainly to web crawlers in order to effortlessly improve SEO for websites.

  • headless-devtools #Project#: Lets you perform Chrome DevTools actions from code by leveraging Headless Chrome+Puppeteer.